“ From lolly to tray meal !”

April 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Bernard Alemagna, Aircalin’s on board catering chef

Bernard Alemagna joined the company recently. His challenge is to continue to improve meals on board. A first-rate mission for this former cook.

What is your main task at Aircalin ?
I was recently recruited for on board catering, served to passengers during their flight. At Aircalin this goes from lollies to tray meals.

A cook by trade, why choose airline catering ?
Because it gives me the opportunity to try something else. Here the priority is always customer service, with special logistic and health constraints. I am bringing my experience
in classical catering.

What is the most difficult part ?
You can not talk of difficulties. Let us just say that everything has to be coordinated to achieve excellence and my job at Aircalin is not limited to making tasty on board food. I also have to select a choice of menus and as well as suppliers. A complete and extremely instructive job.

Author : Caroline IDOUX
Source : AirCalin – Altitude N°97


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